Connor Martin. He's an entertainment machine. A director and writer who specializes in the fun, the radical, the epic, the absurd, and the hilarious. Whether its with colorful fast paced visuals, wild physical comedy, or hilarious manicured dialogue, he is gonna tickle your nuggets (or lady nuggets). He's worked directing and writing commercials and branded content for some of the biggest agencies in the world: Wieden and Kennedy (Old Spice/Samsung/Instagram), The Richards Group (Dr. Pepper)Facebook (Listerine), Funny Or Die (NFL) to name a few, with millions and millions of views on the content he's made for them. He's also made music videos for artists on Columbia RecordsAtlantic Records, and probably too many for his own band Con Bro Chill, but they were sweet. When he's not getting paid, he's made countless short form comedy sketches, TV pilots, and of course writing movies that he threatens to actually make. Just wait, they're gonna be really neat. 

Connor (or Con) lives in Los Angeles and grew up in Portland, OR. He graduated from Chapman University's Dodge Film School with a Bachelors Degree in Advertising. He's got a wide range. He's a mashed up hybrid of a goofball, jock, surfer bro, film kid, and musician. Rooted in his love for skateboarding, surfing, and Blink 182 (you get what kind of kid he was right?) he became obsessed with filmmaking when he was 12. Shortly after, he got addicted to lacrosse and that led to him playing professionally from 2010-2013. I know random. At the time he started writing music and touring the country in his radical band, Con Bro Chill, and made countless music and comedy videos to promote said band. He was like mildly famous (to some people) for a second and got over 50 million views on band’s videos. The band even did a Ted Talk (watch it sometime, it's rad). Suffice to say, Con tried to get good at lots of stuff and now has used all his experiences to cement himself as your new favorite Director.

Ok ok ok. That's enough bragging in the third person so you think I'm super important and got someone else to write my bio. As much as I want you to think I'm too busy to write a couple paragraphs about myself, the reality is I'm writing this on my laptop, in my undies, with one eye on the baby monitor hoping my kid doesn't wake up early from his nap. What I'm really trying to say is I'm no one trick pony. I've been getting shit done and making people smile for almost two decades. So maybe we should work together. Otherwise maybe we can be friends. K bye, my kid just woke up.