In 2016 my bandmates and I of Con Bro Chill took on the monumental task of creating a full 18 minute work out tape set to our new music. This completely original approach involved an insane amount of commitment. Writing 6 new songs, choreographing 6 full aerobics routines, filming the whole thing on ACTUAL 1990s VHS cameras, taking it to the public, and even creating a VHS tape. When it was all said done we had a whole aerobics campaign with an 18 minute tape, a promotional music video, a promotional man on the streets video, and physical copy of the video that you needed a VCR to view. It is our proudest most absurd work to date. But seriously, you should work out and laugh to the 18 minute work out tape, it's a great party trick. 

The 18 Minute VHS Workout Video


Taking It To The Streets